BACCH Annual Scientific Meeting

2017 ASM
11-12 September, Southampton


Keynote lectures

- CCH workforce project (Gabrielle Laing)
- Development of the adolescent brain, the important concept of developmentally appropriate healthcare (Allan Colver)
- Developing integrated community paediatric and CAMH service (Venkat Reddy)
- Paediatric data set (Karen Horridge)
- Sleep (Cathy Hill)
- Stroke guidance (Fenella Kirkham)


- Deaf CAMHS
- Disability and safeguarding
- Neurodevelopmental disorders and comorbidities
- Informatics (NHS Benchmarking)
- Public health (topic tbc)
- Research (topic tbcc)
- Trainee workshop (topic tbc)
- What do I do with a wobbly child?

- Further workshops tba

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