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  • Where a decision is made to continue Serious Case Reviews and/or Child Death Overview Panels, provide support for these 
  • Childhood immunisations e.g.
    - Clinical advice and/or programme support, releasing public health staff for COVID work* 
    - If a vaccine becomes available, we could be a valuable asset
  • CHIS support and advice, especially call/recall systems for imms and blood spot screening (as above)

  • Other areas for which we have transferable skills (perhaps with some re-training).  Not everyone will feel these are appropriate for their particular circumstances

    • Mentoring/supporting colleagues e.g. those working outside normal skill set, juniors acting up (locally e.g. your own previous department/employer or perhaps via BMA or other support services)*
    • Doing baby checks on the postnatal ward
    • Admission avoidance and supported discharge from hospitals – setting up systems/planning to support early paediatric discharge to release bed space.  
    • Helping to plan services including admission avoidance/early discharge for adults (care of the elderly has many similarities with CCH and we could perhaps support our community geriatrician colleagues with this)
    • Supporting discussions on critical care/end of life decisions with patients and families alongside hospital colleagues
    • Writing new guidelines/pathways e.g. COVID-related or re-designing pathways that need to be re-thought during the crisis*
    • Action research/QA activities to refine the COVID response*

    Lastly, when the emergency has ended, there is likely to be a large backlog of clinical work that will need extra support to get services back on track.

    Resuming services

    The NHS issued a letter on 29 April 2020 indicating some service resumption can begin (linked below).   Understandably, these focus on urgent acute treatments including cancer investigations and surgery and other urgent cases.  However, where capacity allows, other services may decide locally to re-start provided appropriate infection control/PPE can be maintained.  Where possible and appropriate, remote consultations are preferred but patients or professionals may decide a face-to-face appointment is preferable in the specific circumstances of the case. 

    Second phase of NHS response to COVID-19 (PDF)

    Please see separate BACCH service resumption resources page for further information

    Are your ‘at risk’ patients shielding?

    (See updated advice from 03.06.20 service resumption page.)

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