The Executive Committee meets four times per year and comprises of the trustees, elected officers with portfolios, and representatives from the affiliated groups. The EC is responsible for the day to day decisions of BACCH and works closely with the Executive Officer to implement the day to day decisions and strategic direction. The EC meets four times per year. Current members of the EC are as follows:

Dr Lisa Kauffmann
Hon. Treasurer
Dr David Vickers
Professor Alastair Sutcliffe
Ass. Convenor
Becoming Convenor at 2020 AGM
Academic Convenor
Dr Alice Setti
Deputy Academic Convenor
Dr Jo Garstang
Becoming Academic Convenor at 2021 AGM
Newsletter Editor
Dr Alison Kelly
Dr Naomi Jayatilake
Also serves on RCPCH SAS Committee
Specialty Training
Dr Elaine Lewis
Trainee Reps
Dr Rebecca Caulfield,
Dr Elena Roosinovich
Workforce Officer
Dr Cliona Ni Bhrolchain

EC also has representatives from each of BACCH's affiliated groups.

The Council acts as a forum for debate and information exchange, and discuses the future direction of the organisation. It meets every six months and comprises the Executive Committee, representation from external organisations and special interest groups, and the regional coordinators.

The minutes of executive and council meetings are available on request from the BACCH office.

The Informatics Committee is chaired by Dr Gabriel Whitlingum and is actively involved in numerous projects.



Name of Representative

Early Child Forum

Dr Neel Kamal

Paediatric Continence Forum
Dr Sameena Shakoor
BMA Consultants Committee
- Paediatrics subcommittee
Dr Sameena Shakoor
RCPCH Advocacy Committee

Dr Bidisha Lahoti

RCPCH CPD Committee

Dr Paula McAlinden

RCPCH SAS Committee


BAAF Health Group Advisory Committee
Dr Georgie Siggers
Paediatric Care Online UK project
Dr Doug Simkiss
RCPCH Informatics
Dr Gabriel Whittlingham
RCPCH Health Promotion Committee
Dr Anu Raykundalia
RCPCH Stroke in children guideline
Dr Paul Wright
Joint Working Group on immunisation & wider medical issues affecting students in UK boarding schools
Dr Georgie Siggers
working group on a Child Death Database
Dr Anne Livesey
RCPCH Health for All Children 5th edition
Dr Simon Lenton
RCPCH Healthy Child Programme advisory group.
Dr Simon Lenton
NCEPOD Long Term Ventilation study 
Dr Fiona Finlay

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