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    (This page was first created on 25.03.20 and was last updated on 15.05.20. It is no longer being regularly amended as our priority is now the service resumption page.)

    COVID-19 prioritisation for community child health

    COVID-19 national policies and advice

    Please see RCPCH website for advice on clinical management of COVID-19, PPE and other COVID-19 advice. 

    There is now a section on COVID research evidence called ‘Epidemiology’. RCPCH advice will not be duplicated here.

    COVID-19 - RCPCH guidance for paediatric services

    NHSE COVID hub COVID hub

    Scottish Government COVID hub

    At this time of national emergency, community paediatricians will want to ‘do their bit’ to support the national effort.  For some with appropriate skills, this may involve increasing or returning to acute hospital work.  However, others will be unable to do so for a variety of reasons including current skill set, caring responsibilities or personal health.  NHSE has also directed that some CCH work must continue during the emergency.  

    NHSE advice on prioritisation in CCH services in England is available here (NOTE this is an updated version issued on 1.4.20.  Audiology can now continue essential services; school age immunisation to stop until school resumes): 

    NHS advice on prioritisation in CCH services in England (PDF) 

    Scottish National Clinical Guidance for Nursing &  AHP Community Health Staff
    (Note: it doesn’t have any specific advice for community paediatricians)

    We are not aware of similar advice for the other nations.

    This document states the following services will continue, offering opportunities for retirees to help clinically if appropriate, releasing other staff e.g. trainees with more up to date skills, for COVID work (* indicates roles with reduced exposure to infection):

    • Safeguarding medicals
    • Looked After Children Initial Health Assessments (may be modified or just provide initial advice by phone if appropriate)
    • Other essential clinical work (likely remotely) including emotional and behavioural support for families e.g.
      - HVs/school nurses may benefit from access to telephone advice on new patients who cannot be seen*
      - Some families will undoubtedly keep their children – even those with SEND – at home to avoid infection.  We know that being off school causes stress in families of children with SEND, resulting in behavioural crises presenting to primary care and A&E.  Access to telephone advice may help to avert escalation*
      New SEND guidance on assessing the risk of pupils attending school vs staying at home
      (Unfortunately this doesn’t include any health guidance.)
      - Writing prescriptions*
      - Answering the phone/call back for non-COVID clinical questions*
    • Statutory advice e.g. safeguarding advice, LAC advice, advice to schools that remain open on managing COVID or other medical issues (EHCPs are not mentioned):

    RCPCH guidance on Child protection, LAC & vulnerable children (RCPCH safeguarding medicals advice updated on 27.04.20)
    CoramBAAF guidance on Adoption, Fostering & LAC 
    CoramBAAF specific health guidance (PDF)

    Government guidance on introductory meetings for children with new adopted parents (updated on 06.05.20)

    Northern Ireland changes in regs for social care reviews

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