Is Community Child Health / Community Paediatrics for me?

What is Community Child Health
Community Child Health is the care of children outside hospital. It is rewarding and challenging - every day is different. Community paediatricians see children as outpatients for a variety of reasons.

What makes a Community Child Health Paediatrician?
A Community Child Health Paediatrician is a doctor who has expertise in working with vulnerable groups of children and their carers. This includes children with developmental disorders and disabilities, those with complex behavioural issues and those who are at risk of abuse or are being abused. They also have a particular role with children who are “Looked After” or are in the process of being adopted.

They hold clinics in a variety of settings with an emphasis on continuity of care and have strong skills in multi-agency working particularly with education and social care. Community paediatricians have a vital role in planning and implementing local strategies to improve the health of all children in their area including safeguarding policy and universal and targeted lifestyle programmes.


Community Child Health as a Career
Interview with Dr Ruairi Gallagher about the role of a Community Paediatrician.

What we see in Clinic
Examples of cases see in clinic by trainees.

Currently awating
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Community Child Health - is it the career for you?
This leaflet illustrates the diverse and interesting nature of a career in community paediatrics. Whilst BACCH owns the copyright of the leaflet, it is happy for members to download the leaflet for non-commercial purposes.


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