Continuing Professional Development Requirements

The Need for CPD All paediatricians are required to be able to demonstrate that CPD is being actively maintained for clinical governance purposes. Trainees are already annually appraised and their training opportunities discussed and documented. For all other paediatricians proof of continuing professional development needs to be provided.

If specialists and other senior doctors responsible for providing clinical services allow themselves to fall behind in their education and maintenance of professional skills, the quality of their clinical practice will decline, as will standards of teaching and postgraduate training. CPD forms a part of the appraisal process and will be a central pillar of revalidation.

Recommendations for CPD A system has been established based on units of CDP/CME time. The basic unit of educational time is one hour for which one CDP unit will be given.

Activities for CPD

  • External CPD – work involving interaction with colleagues outside your own department and requires protected study leave time. Includes organised meetings and courses and personal visits to acquire new skills
  • Internal study leave – does not require study leave and includes hospital and community clinical meetings, multidisciplinary participation, grand rounds and clinical audit meetings.
  • Clinical – the learning and development of clinical skills including regular clinical meetings (internal and external), courses, lectures or seminars, special attachments at another department or hospital or sitting in on a colleagues clinic.
  • Academic – includes clinical audit, research activities, preparation of post-graduate lectures, examining, publishing, presenting audit and research findings, and teaching-the-teacher courses
  • Professional – enhance the ability to practise, relate to employers, colleagues and patients. Includes management courses, IT training, communication skills training

Number of CPD sessions

  • The target is 50 credits per year
  • One day will be allocated six credits, half a day is three.
  • At least 25 credits should come from external CPD
  • Aim for approximately 80% as clinical
  • Paediatricians are expected to keep details of all CPD activities in their portfolio

National CPD scheme National CPD scheme The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health has implemented a national scheme for registration of CPD for which all non-trainee grade paediatricians can register. This is free to members but there is an annual fee for using this scheme if you are not a member of the college. You are expected to update your CPD records via the College’s online CPD diary at and can print off your own CPD annual summary report whenever you need do.

Other professional colleges run similar schemes which may be more appropriate to some paediatricians.

We would strongly advise all members of BACCH who are not still in training grades, to register on a CPD scheme. Visit the College website to register or for further information.

Modules from MSc courses may be suitable for CPD



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