College Specialty Advisory Committee (Community)

The RCPCH CSAC committees advise on aspects of specialist training relating to each of the paediatric sub-specialties. They are involved in curriculum development for each of their specialties and will advise on appropriate assessments, particularly for level 3 trainees. Members of the Community CSAC are as follows.

CSAC Page on the RCPCH website

Advice on Training in Community Child Health

For individual advice concerning training, or to have your CCT form signed, please contact one of the speciality training advisors, details above.

Advice on Community Paediatric Job Descriptions

For posts in CCH, RCPCH Regional Advisors are expected to obtain advice from the BACCH Regional Coordinator, rather than the CSAC Chair. However, the final recommendation is the responsibility of the RCPCH Regional Advisor. (Any direct approach to a BACCH Regional Coordinator is informal.) The CSAC Chair is happy to assist where difficulties arise.

Model job descriptions and advice on job planning is available in the Workforce and job planning section of the website.


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